Monthly Archives: January 2018

Eufy Genie Review

The Genie is basically a low-cost Echo Dot, minus a few key features. Testing Unlike the Echo Dot, the Genie doesn’t come preloaded with your Amazon account information. You also need to download the EufyHome app to complete the setup process. Once you’ve plugged in the unit and fired up the app, you can add […]

Sonos One Review

When Amazon first released the Amazon Echo, the speaker that kick-started the voice assistant revolution in the home, there were two main criticisms that people levelled at the new device. The first were centered around Alexa, the voice assistant powering the device. As an entirely new service, Alexa launched with pretty limited functionality at first, […]

Amazon Echo Review

Amazon Echo will always be known for bringing smart functionality to the speaker world. And it was all thanks to Alexa, Amazon’s voice AI, that brought the speaker to life. Granted, it was a gimmick at first but Amazon has been vocal about improving Alexa and it’s now a vital and voracious part of the […]

Google vs Apple vs Amazon vs Sonos: How 4 of the most popular smart speakers compare

The smart speaker market is more crowded than ever. But although many of these smart speakers do many of the same things — play music, give you information, control smart home accessories — each goes about it a little differently. They’re all pretty good, but you’re probably only going to get one smart speaker. Making […]