All You Need To Know About The New Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen

Better speakers and more smart home capabilities are now available on this Alexa-powered smart speaker

Here is all you need to know about the new Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen. The 5th Gen device may have the same appearance as it’s earlier generations, but comes with few modifications. If you already own the fourth or even third version of the Echo Dot, these aren’t the differences that make it a must to purchase. However, this may be the preferred choice for anyone looking for a brand-new, inexpensive smart speaker for their home.

Perhaps no device is more synonymous with the term “smart home” than the Amazon Echo Dot. And we totally get why! The most recent Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen is the most intelligent model of the Alexa-powered smart speaker. Therefore, making it more intuitive for users of all ages. 

The Echo Dot is without a doubt one of the best smart speakers for smaller spaces. It may be small but it has come back mightier than ever. The all new 5th Gen Echo Dot is subtle, smart and comes with an all new temperature sensor. Without you having to ask, the new device’s temperature readings can trigger a routine to automatically change the settings on your Amazon Smart Thermostat. All you have to do is say “Alexa, what’s the temperature inside”.

Tap gestures is another new feature of the 5th Gen Amazon Echo Dot. You can now tap the device to pause music or snooze alarms. This somewhat defeats the purpose of the Alexa voice assistant but is still helpful. You could certainly speak to it, but we believe that this new feature is more convenient when you don’t want to speak first thing in the morning.

The 5th Gen Echo Dot sounds better this time around as well. Compared to the previous Echo Dot, it boasts a larger 1.73-inch front speaker that provides greater bass and better range.

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We hope you found post helpful to get started with your Amazon Echo Dot. If you’re interested in learning more about the Echo Dot, you may also want to check out CNET’s article:Hands-On With Amazon’s New Echo Dot Speakers: Should You Upgrade?