Amazon Echo Show 5 Review

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is a baby version of the Echo Show 2, with smart touchscreen display and voice activated commands, the only limit as to what you can ask Echo Show 5 to do, is your imagination. Let’s review how well the Echo Show 5 shapes up.

The smart speaker is the newest budget option for getting Alexa in your home, but don’t let the price fool you, this smart speaker contains all of the functionality of it’s larger counterparts including voice commands for displaying the weather, recipes and news as well as playing music videos and streaming Amazon Prime content.


The Amazon Echo Show 5 sports a 5.5 inch display, with 960 x 480 resolution. The Show 5 also features the rounded mesh casing of the previous Show, with physical volume buttons, a mute button for Alexa, and a shutter you can physically slide over the camera lens, for the more privacy minded among you. Along the rear is a power port – like the rest of the Echo range, you’ll need to keep the Show 5 plugged in at all times.


The Echo Show 5 is a smaller version of the Echo Show 2, so understandably the sound quality for music is not going to be as clear as the Echo Show 2, however this smart speaker is perfect for podcasts, radio listening and interacting with Alexa. If you are looking for a smart speaker specifically for music, we suggest rather getting a non touchscreen display smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Tap.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Echo Show 5 is a great smart speaker to get if you are looking at a starter smart speaker, but are not looking to pay a lot. The Echo Show 5 has all of the functionality of the Echo Show 2, except that the sound quality for music streaming is slightly less powerful compared to it’s counterparts. The screen display is large enough to use for recipes, tutorials and streaming Amazon Prime shows, but also a great size to use as a smart alarm clock. If you are looking for smart speaker but have never had one before, want the smart touchscreen display, but don’t want to pay too much, then the Echo Show 5 is perfect for you. New to the Smart Speakers SA site, the Echo Show 5 gets our stamp of approval.