Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen Review

What makes the Amazon Kindle 11th Gen so enchanting and magical?

Do you want to carry all your beloved books with you at all times? Unfortunately, you’re not a wizard who can effortlessly put the ever-useful expansion spell on your bag that would indefinitely increase its internal dimensions. But don’t worry: the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen is all you need, unless your name is Hermione Granger!


If you have already held a Kindle Paperwhite in your hands, you don’t have to expect any serious changes with this sleek new model, which is available in black. However, Amazon has made some changes. The screen of the eReader has grown significantly from 6 inches (previous model) to 6.8 inches, meaning that more words fit on one page. We like the fact that the device shows more display now and less edge. Both the casing dimensions and the overall weight have increased only slightly – it’s 20 grams heavier than its predecessor. So, we can safely say that the device still feels light enough when you are lying on the bed or sofa. The Kindle has a good grip, is less susceptible to fingerprints, and its robust plastic case makes sure that minor drops are not causing dents or the display to crack easily.

Reading Experience

The reading experience on this eReader is essentially book-like! That is exactly what the Paperwhite is known for, and is one of the main reasons why many bookworms prefer reading on this device over smartphones and tablets. The background of the Kindle Paperwhite is not pure white, but a shade of white that corresponds to the paper pages of a book. This is much more pleasant for many people and ensures that reading is easy on the eyes. Moreover, the black & white glare-free display ensures that you can continue to read comfortably even in very bright lighting conditions, for example, outside in the sun – just like with a paper book. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen leaves hardly anything to be desired and should be the perfect eReader for many.


You don’t feel like reading, but you still want to be entertained? No problem! In that case, just sit back on the sofa while you have a book or text read to you, or listen to any audiobook of your choice. Besides, you can save audiobooks to your library and listen to them on Kindle. Although the Amazon Kindle is not equipped with a headphone jack, you can connect a pair of Bluetooth-enabled headphones to it. When you click an audiobook, Kindle automatically searches for the device. By the way, you can also play your Audible audiobooks via Echo speakers and the voice assistant Alexa. Just say: “Alexa, play my audiobook” and your Audible library is automatically accessed and your last listened to audiobook is continued. We also want to give a big thumbs up to the remarkable quality of the audio. One thing to keep in mind is that listening will empty your battery power a bit more quickly than is the case with reading.

Amazon Ecosystem

The close relationship with Amazon can be seen as a possible disadvantage, but it also has clear advantages in terms of the following packages: Prime Reading, Kindle Kids, Kindle Unlimited, and the Audible playback option as mentioned in the paragraph above. You can also transfer books from other sources to the Kindle relatively easily with software like Calibre.


Imagine taking a bath or a dip in the pool without worrying about damaging your favorite book. That’s exactly when the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite comes into play! Not only is this device fully waterproof (IPX8 certified), but it’s also much more convenient than a physical novel, since you can change the book you’re reading in an instant without leaving the hot tub!

New features

Color Temperature, Illumination, and Battery Life

A cool new feature is the adjustable color temperature. You can schedule it either automatically or manually depending on your needs. Simply activate automatic mode to let your Kindle adjust the color at sunrise and sunset. What’s the point? You may already know it from your smartphone or tablet: If you read at a late hour, you can definitely do your eyes some good with less blue light. Many people find the slight yellow tint more pleasant, and it also benefits the natural biorhythm of humans. The general illumination of the Amazon Kindle has been improved with an additional 12 LEDs (17 LEDs in total). As for battery life, a single charge can now last up to 10 weeks, which is two weeks more than the previous generation.

Display, E-Ink Panel, and USB-C Port

The eReader’s bigger display size translates directly to increased space and comfort. It’s especially advantageous for those of you out there who prefer bigger fonts, as one page can now include more text and content. At the same time, readers who show a preference for smaller fonts benefit equally, since they need to turn the pages less often. In fact, turning the page reveals the most remarkable innovation of the display: it turns a lot faster than before! That is due to the latest version of the e-ink panel as well as the new built-in processor. From now on, you will not experience any noticeable delay when going to the next page. We are delighted to confirm that lags belong to the past and won’t trouble you any longer. Finally yet importantly, the Kindle eReader has finally been upgraded with a USB-C port, while the 10th generation Kindle devices or below can only be charged with a less modern and powerful USB 2.0 (Micro-USB) charger. Charging the device is relatively quick and takes roughly two hours with a 9W USB power adapter.


+ Good resolution 

+ USB-C charging

+ One page contains more words

+ Waterproof

+ Long battery life

+ Synchronization with Audible

+ Warm light options and automatic brightness


– Strongly integrated into the Amazon ecosystem

– No headphone jack

Tech Specs

Display size: 6.8 inches

Weight: 205 grams

Size: 174.2 x 124.6 x 8.1 mm

Resolution: 300 ppi glare-free display

Waterproof (IPX8)

Memory capacity: 8 GB (Holds thousands of books)

Wi-Fi connectivity

Connections: USB-C port

Battery life: Up to 10 weeks


The excellent workmanship of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen convinced us all along the line. It is light and fits well in the hand, making for comfortable reading even when lying down. The e-ink display is as pleasant to read as the pages of a regular paper book. The various settings are very practical and, thanks to different font sizes, make it easy to adapt the Kindle Paperwhite well to personal preferences. In addition, listening to audiobooks also works flawlessly. Last but not least, the adjustable color temperature is a real game changer and a major improvement. We can therefore unreservedly recommend the product to our avid reading community!

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