Best Smart Speakers of 2023

A smart speaker is the perfect first device if you’re planning to set up your own smart home. It doesn’t matter if you spend a lot of time working from home or if you just want to make your life a little easier in general – you can’t go wrong by investing in a great smart speaker. Especially in today’s hectic world, we can all benefit from this technology to stay organized, entertained, and overall improve our quality of life and that of our loved ones. That’s why we’ve listed for you the best smart speakers of 2023 below! Then you can decide for yourself which speaker suits your taste and budget.

Apple HomePod Mini

The Apple HomePod Mini was the successful predecessor after the larger and less affordable Apple HomePod had been discontinued. Even though its more compact in size now, the speaker still produces a rich, room-filling sound and comes in a stylish design. So you’ll experience the premium feel you’re used to with any other Apple product. If you are already a follower of the Apple ecosystem, then you will have no problems integrating it seamlessly. As for the drawbacks, the speaker is not suitable for Android users and only supports the Siri voice assistant – which is less versatile compared to Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Amazon Echo 4th Gen

The Amazon Echo 4th Gen is an inexpensive option to start or expand your Alexa ecosystem. This spherical speaker not only looks good on the shelf, but also delivers good audio quality for its price. Equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi and a microphone array, Amazon Alexa connects to your home’s wireless network, allowing you to intuitively play music, check the weather and traffic reports, listen to sports scores, and more. In addition, the Echo 4th Gen essentially acts as a central smart home hub that manages all your Zigbee-enabled smart home devices. Simply turn on your device and say, “Alexa, discover my devices”.

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen

This smart speaker could be the best choice if you have a smaller budget or if it is your first smart device. It offers you the best value for your money! The Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen is an Alexa-controlled speaker that has a clearer sound and deeper bass compared to previous generations. While you can’t expect a room-filling stereo sound, we still think the sound quality is decent for its size. Also, the built-in eero as well as the new temperature sensor are two cool new features worth mentioning.

Google Nest Audio

The Google Nest Audio has a modern look that will blend seamlessly into your home’s decor. The audio quality has also improved significantly over the original Google Home speaker. Its vocals are crisp and clear, and you could possibly call it the best-sounding speaker in Google’s current lineup. When paired as a stereo duo with another Nest Audio, the sound is even richer and more room-filling. Its greatest feature is the Google Assistant, which you can use to ask for a specific song or artist, or control your other smart home devices.

Google Nest Mini 2nd Gen

If you’re looking for a low-cost smart speaker, there are two great options: Google’s Nest Mini or Amazon’s Echo Dot. Now it mainly depends on your personal voice assistant preferences, because the prices are almost identical. The speaker has almost the same features and superb Google Assistant performance as the Google Nest Audio. The main difference is that the Nest Audio can be turned up louder and is therefore better suited for watching videos or listening to music.

Sonos One (Gen 2)

If you have a larger budget for a speaker, you should definitely consider this one. The Sonos One comes in a clean design and its sound is excellent! Plus, you can control it with your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant, whichever you prefer. So you basically get the best of both worlds. The only drawback we could find was that the voice control of the Sonos One doesn’t yet support Spotify.

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