Bose Headphones – Block out the sound with Amazon Alexa

Introducing Bose Headphones Bose headphones are the noise-cancelling headphones you didn’t know you needed. ‘Two decades ago, Bose pioneered noise-cancelling headphones for consumers based on a simple belief — nothing should come between you and your music.’ Not so long ago headphones were used solely for entertainment. Not anymore. Today it has become an all-day, […]

Google Routines – Life made easy

Introducing Google Routines making life easier one routine at a time Google Assistant routines allow you to trigger multiple actions with a single phrase. There are six ready-made routines available, which are customisable to your liking. You can also create custom routines by assigning phrases to the actions you’d like Assistant to perform. For example, […]

Google Assistant – Your Personal Google Assistant

Google Assistant – Your smart personal assistant What is Google Assistant? Google Assistant is and virtual assistant in the form of artificial intelligence that is created and managed by Google, look at it as being you smart personal assistant that’s with you were ever you go. It is available on Android and even Apple devices […]

Smart Home Security – Take control of your safety with Connex Connect.

The unfortunate reality we, as South Africans face, is that one constantly has to remain on high-alert as a result of widespread crime throughout the country and the chance to be caught off guard. Permanently keeping a sense of situational awareness is both nerve-wracking and energy-consuming. It takes our attention away from the things that […]

Creating a smart home in South Africa – Easy and Inexpensive.

Smart Homes – The Way Of The Future To South Africans, the concept of smart home automation is one that is mind-boggling – to say the least. Smart home automation and related smart home devices might seem a daunting challenge to most. The common perception is that it requires a level of tech guru that […]

Bose Soundlink Micro Review

Portable speakers are a great way to bring the party anywhere, but they often forgo sound quality for portability. That’s not the case with the Bose SoundLink Micro; nearly two years after its releaes, this waterproof speaker remains one of our favorites. It even has an elastic strap that can loop around your bike or […]

Roku Express Streaming Stick Review

Roku revamped its lineup of streaming devices in early October 2017, announcing updates to the Express, Streaming Stick, and Ultra, and introducing the new Streaming Stick+. It was a predictable move, given recent updates rolled out by Amazon (the Fire TV) and Apple (the Apple TV 4K) which greatly improved upon those devices’ capabilities — […]