Bose Headphones – Block out the sound with Amazon Alexa

Introducing Bose Headphones

Bose headphones are the noise-cancelling headphones you didn’t know you needed. ‘Two decades ago, Bose pioneered noise-cancelling headphones for consumers based on a simple belief — nothing should come between you and your music.’

Not so long ago headphones were used solely for entertainment. Not anymore. Today it has become an all-day, everyday companion. People use noise-cancelling headphones, in particular, for work as much as for play. The noise-cancelling technology that makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better. The ground-breaking wizardry blocks out ambient noise – aeroplane engines, the rumble of a train, irritating work colleagues – and, if you think that they offer a solution to you personal audio problems, then you might well be right.

Bose has expanded its range to suit every budget and diversified into other types of devices – including sporty true wireless earbuds and premium wireless over-ear headphones.

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The best part is that it is compatible with all smartphones!

Amazon Alexa with Bose

New technologies are constantly introducing new ways to interact with the world around us. Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa help make your everyday routine even easier. Amazon Alexa is found in a variety of products enabling your voice to control products like your headphones, speakers, TV, thermostats, lights, even your car.

How does Alexa work?

Amazon Alexa works with QC35 IIHeadphones 700Home Speaker 300Home Speaker 500Portable Smart Speaker, Soundbar 500, and Soundbar 700.

Once you’ve got it set up, Alexa can make your everyday life easier and more productive. Just say “Alexa” to engage with your voice assistant. Not sure where to start? Read on to explore the world of Alexa with Bose smart speakers and headphones.

Control your music

Let’s say you’re making dinner after a long day at work and you’d like a little music to help you relax. Without missing a beat (or a slice or a stir) you can simply say out loud: “Alexa, play my workout playlist” and your Bose Headphones 700 comes to life, connects to your favourite music service, and suddenly gets you pumped up for your workout session.

You can ask Alexa to play your favourite artist, genre, internet radio station, podcast, or playlist. Also, to go to the next track, turn up the volume, and more. It makes listening to music so easy you might find what a lot of other people have found — you’re listening to more music than ever before.

Prepare for the day ahead

We’ve all been there: you’re late for work and trying to decide what to wear and what you need to pack for the day ahead. With your Alexa-enabled Bose smart speaker, just say “Alexa, what’s the weather?” You’ll get an answer almost faster than you can look out the window. Want to make sure you know the hot news topics for the day or the score of last night’s game? Ask Alexa. It’s these everyday tasks that make Alexa so helpful. Alexa can also help the whole family unwind after a crazy day by reading an audiobook or playing an interesting podcast. Cuddle up on the couch and let Alexa do the work.

Stay on schedule

Want to check on what you’re cooking in the oven in 10 minutes? Just say, “Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes.” Have an early meeting tomorrow morning? Just say, “Alexa, set an alarm for 6 AM.” Alexa makes simple daily tasks like this even easier.

Just think, you’ll never need to write out a shopping list or get out your phone or computer to check if your favourite restaurant is still open. It may sound simple, but it’s the simple things that Alexa can do for you that can simplify your day.

You can find Alexa in our Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, QC35 II wireless headphones, and our family of smart speakers and soundbars. Software updates will continually increase Alexa features as they become available, like more language options and more music services. With Alexa, getting the most out of your Bose products is easier than ever. And who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Is it worth it?

Bose is known for making some of the best headphones in the business. But what you might not know is how different each pair is.

Each headset features solid build quality and the storied manufacturer’s signature understated design. Unlike many competitors that hide their sonic deficiencies behind powerful bass, Bose headphones deliver a stellar experience throughout the entire tonal range.

As far as additional accessories go, each Bose headset comes with a carrying case, so there’s no need to worry about storage. In-ear models come with replaceable tips for an optimal fit, while the wireless headphones come with an audio cable for the moments when the battery runs out.

They are so worth it if you have the money to spend on premium headphones. Their features and attention to detail mean you’ll love enjoying your favourite music tracks and podcasts. The practicality allows you to take advantage of Bose headphones regardless of how you like to enjoy music.

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