Bose Soundlink Micro Review

Portable speakers are a great way to bring the party anywhere, but they often forgo sound quality for portability. That’s not the case with the Bose SoundLink Micro; nearly two years after its releaes, this waterproof speaker remains one of our favorites. It even has an elastic strap that can loop around your bike or bag during an outdoor adventure day.

Not only is the Micro speaker impervious to spills, but it can also endure full submersion for up to 30 minutes thanks to its IPX7 rating. Unlike the UE Roll 2, the Micro doesn’t float, not even a little. But when it does emerge from the depths, drying is quick due to the rubber exterior. Like most humans, I enjoy singing in the shower and the SoundLink Micro has no trouble playing music as skin-scalding water pours down.


The pebble-shaped unit features a basic top-facing speaker (when laid flat) and a Micro USB charging port on its side. You’ll also find the usual assortment of volume, power, pairing and voice controls along its top and sides.

Some may bemoan the lack of flashiness, but I’m a big fan of the design for a few key reasons. For starters, it’s outright dinky, measuring in at a modest 9.8 x 9.8mm. The dimensions, coupled with its flat design, make it significantly smaller and more travel-friendly than most competing Bluetooth speakers.

Second, it’s rugged as hell. The scratch-resistant rubber chassis can take some serious punishment. As well as surviving my drop tests unscathed, which involved me dropping the speaker onto a hardwood floor.

Sound quality

Yeah, this gets plenty loud. Volume output rivals the larger SoundLink Color II but can’t quite match it. Still, users won’t away with blasting the volume a modestly sized apartment complex. As a matter of fact, the most defining aspect of this speaker may very well be its volume. Though it won’t be able to entertain a large party, the Micro can certainly handle intimate gatherings.

Its minuscule size is misleading since the SoundLink Micro is able to pump out unexpectedly strong bass. Inside the speaker sounds best. There are plenty of walls for the sound to reverberate, making the perception of sound seem louder and more full. Since there’s less environmental noise to mask the Micro’s audio, treble sounds best when indoors. On the other hand, when taking the SoundLink Micro outside, one of the first aspects of the sound signature to go is the treble. This is easily degraded by interrupting ambient noise as common as the wind. Users can just increase the volume, so long as passersby don’t give hard side-eye.

Why buy the SoundLink Micro?

If you’re on the market for an ultra-portable, affordable Bluetooth speaker that won’t break the bank then you should definitely consider the SoundLink Micro. Featuring a compact, rugged design, an intelligent strap, and surprisingly loud audio, this speaker is one of the best on the market.