How to Connect your Smart Lights to Your Google Home Mini

Welcome to the “Made For Google” simple set up for your C by GE lights and Google Assistant!

“Made for Google” products, like the C by GE light bulbs, are designed to have a simple set up and a direct connection to a Google Home device through the Google Home app.

Smart Light Starter Kit Instructions:

  1. Plug in your Google Home Device
  2. Download and open the Google Home app
  3. Set up your Google Home device in the Google Home app
  4. Screw in your C by GE light bulb in the same room as your Google Home device
  5. Turn on the light
  6. Open the Google Home app
  7. Select “Yes” when the Google Home app asks you to set up your smart bulb.
  8. Choose or create a custom “room” where your lights are located
  9. Create a unique name for your smart bulb
  10. Select “Next”

When light bulb blinks, you’re done! Your light is now connected to Google Home. You can control your light through the Google Home app or by voice with your Google Assistant.

Here are some voice commands you can use with your Google Assistant and C by GE lights:

Brightness (Soft White and Tunable White)

  • Hey Google, dim lights to 50%. [options: up to 100%]
  • Hey Google, set lights to 25%. [options: up to 100%]
  • Hey Google, make lights brighter.
  • Hey Google, make lights dimmer.

Color Temperature (Tunable White only)

  • Hey Google, change lights to soft white. [options: cool white, bright white]
  • Hey Google, change lights to candlelight. [this is a PM setting]
  • Hey Google, change lights to white. [this is an AM setting].
  • Hey Google, change lights to 2700 kelvin. [2,000 – 7,000 range]