Looking for an entry into the Smart Home Devices?

We have you covered with a couple of simple buying tips!

These days is almost everything connected with each other. A GFK (society for consumer research) study has shown that half of the US citizens have at the minimum 1 smart home product in their home. Clearly its become a part of almost every household and for good reason. Just ask your question and get accurate answers saving us all valuable time and leads to households expanding their ecosystems as required needs, need to be met. Smart Home device purchases can be overwhelming, which device do you need to get started?

Where can artificial intelligent assistants, assist? 

Need to be entertained or keeping busy in the kitchen cooking? A Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Show would be a great choice. Say, “Ok Google” or “Alexa” play music on YouTube or find your favorite recipe and follow along. Google and Amazon smart speakers are also great for entertainment areas or round the house in those areas where you need some music, work and/or media information on demand. Both the speakers and touch screen models offer the same functionality from Google Assistant and Alexa.

Security models are also available for your ecosystem in the way of Google’s Nest doorbell or Amazon’s Blink Mini as entry units which integrate into you existing “home” via the app for all of your devices.


What is your budget?

A small smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation is a great way to see what artificially intelligent in-home helpers like Alexa and Google Assistant are capable of, and neither one will cost you more than R1000 and most certainly be the best way to try out one of these clever little devices. For the iOS user Apple HomePod Mini’s are the way to go and always readily available from us.

We’re always available to guide you on your Smart Home journey, please reach out and we’ll do our best to make your purchase a smart one!