5 Reasons Why Giving Smart Speakers as a Corporate Gift for the 2018 Holiday Season is a Great Idea

With the end of year holiday season just around the corner, companies large and small all over the country are scrambling, trying to deciding what to gift employees for a year of hard work. It doesn’t have to be hard for you who have found this article. Smart speakers are in demand all around the world, and everyone from tech gurus to technophobes can appreciate the value that smart speakers can provide. Don’t believe us? Check out our top 5 reasons smart speakers make the perfect corporate gift.

      1 – Give a gift that people want

People hate receiving gifts that they would rather not have. Smart speakers are ideal in that they have massive demand in the US and the UK, and it is only a matter of time before that catches on in South Africa.

People want smart speakers, and that is a key ingredient in getting the perfect gift. Something that everyone can appreciate is ideal for making your employee’s holiday season special.

      2 – A gift that can be used anywhere

The beauty of smart speakers is that they completely multifunctional. At home, smart speakers can hook up to your speaker system and serve as a hands-free interface with your home sound system.

Some smart speakers are USB powered and would simply need a phone charger to function. This means employees could bring them to work and set up either as a speaker or as a portable intercom system.

      3 – It’s both a practical and a fun gift

When gifting for a large number of people, it’s important that the gift will be well received by a large variety of people. The practicality of the of having a speaker that can take reminders and timers and read recipes is sweetened by the ability to play some music for guests and letting children mess around with all the possible voice commands.

      4 – It’s a gift that will last a couple of years down the line

While a popular choice, wine, flowers and chocolate don’t last very long. While they are appreciated at that the moment, the impression won’t be long-lasting.

The beauty of a smart speaker is that there will be reminded of the gift everytime they use it. These smart speakers are created by large companies against each other so you don’t have to worry about poor quality gifts damaging your companies reputation.

      5 – It could inspire them to start a whole DIY home automation project

Parallel to the success of smart speakers in other countries has been the rise of DIY home automation products, that let people install their own smart products easier than it has ever been before.

You could inspire someone to start their own home automation project, once they see the power and future that smart speakers have in store for consumers in the coming years.

Or who knows, maybe your employee already has home automation set up, then getting him a smart speaker just helps him give one more room access to the wonder of voice commands. They would appreciate it no less than any other employee.

There’s almost no reason to not want one

Smart speakers work so perfectly as a gift, anyone can use them, and luckily the popularity hasn’t caught on to the same extent as other countries have already, so this could make a fantastic gift.

Are you convinced yet? We believe smart speakers are going to blow up in the coming years in South Africa, and 2018 is your year to give your employees a headstart on the trend.

Give your employees a perfect gift this year. If you would like to arrange corporate branded products for your employees we have you covered. We organise bulk order discounts for branded products to anywhere in Africa. Check out our available products below (We recommend, and use the Google Home) and contact us for more information on our bulk order discounts. And hey its Black Friday in a couple of weeks as well, keep an eye out.

What products we recommend

Smart Speakers provides corporate branding for a range of products, but we personally love the above products.

Yes, that list is Google heavy, but for good reason. Google provides the smoothest install in South Africa, so we recommend to most people wanting to get a smart speaker in South Africa.

Amazon still does not support South Africa so if you want to get it working you are going to have to jump through a bunch of loopholes to get it to work in the country.

We also included the Google Home Hub. It’s not available in South Africa just yet but we are very excited for its release and think it will be one of our more popular products in the future.

When organising bulk orders, we can arrange for certain bundles to be created. If you would like to gift multiple speakers or would like more information on bundling with our up and coming smart lights and smart switches (not yet available from our site normally) or a chromecast, contact us and we can organise a tailored gift to your specific needs.