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Tech Accessories

A friend referred me to SmartSpeakers as she had bought a Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation from them and could not stop talking about it. I was skeptical at first as I didn’t even know these types of products were available in South Africa. Long story short, I don’t know how I ever lived without it. I’m in the process of building a house and I am planning on fully automating it with smart devices. Lights, security cameras, door/window sensors, streaming devices, I want it all!

Nicola Kaden

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a AD that brought me to this website. I had not heard of it before so I called to have a chat and try and determine how legitimate it is. I was met with a helpful and enthusiastic employee who took the the time to listen to my requirements and gave a detailed and informative response on what they believe would suit me best. I haven’t looked back since. Excellent service and great products. Definitely the “smart home specialists” of South Africa.

Gys Oosthuizen

I recently moved from a house to a apartment. I felt that I would be able to adjust, provided the change in size would be substituted with modernization and convenience. Coincidentally, I came across a YouTube video from a tech channel I follow which showcased different smart home devices. I just assumed it would be way out of my budget – something like R50k to set myself up. I entertained the idea and out of boredom started shopping around for options. I couldn’t believe how affordable it actually was. R10k later I have everything I could possibly need and don’t mind moving at all.

Neressa Motilal

At 65 I would not in the slightest describe myself as tech savvy. I could not believe how fast I could operate my Google Home Hub. The app is easy to navigate and the product itself performs better then I could ever imagine.  One happy customer soon to return. 

James Vorster

I bought a Amazon Fire Stick TV from this website which was faulty when I tried to set it up. I called and explained the situation expecting it to evolve in a lengthy back and forth process as I’ve experienced many times before. As I lived close to the warehouse, the employee at hand sidestepped procedures and personally came to pick up and deliver a new one the same day. I’ve never experienced that before.

Mzaula Malunga

I recently received the Google Smart Entertainment Bundle as a gift from a friend. It was the gift I never knew I wanted, but I now couldn’t live without. To any friends reading this with birthdays coming up, spoiler alert. You’ll thank me later.

Caldwell Cunningham